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Familia Del Alto


!Órale! Déjame te cuento how this all came about. familia.jpg


Growing up in the Midwest with a very traditional Mexican family: we spoke English at school and Spanish at home, we ate pizza on a lucky Friday (thank you Pizza Hut Book It) and enchiladas con arroz at home.  I grew up with a deep appreciation for Latin American culture, language and flavors.  I dreamed of living in Mexico and experiencing first-hand all the things my mom and abuelita would tell me about.  The opportunity finally came when my husband Fernando and I moved to Querétaro, Qro.  I took a job in international business selling beef to Mexican distributors and my dream came true!  Fearless and un poco loca, that's me!  ~ Magda 

Great things happened to us in Mexico.  Our daughter Sarita was born a year after our arrival.  It must have been the water or las chelas, right?  I discovered a very cool candy store there and hoped that we could have something similar back home.  Even years after returning to Kansas and after the birth of our son Aarón, I still couldn't get over the idea of bringing the candy store to life, but throwing in a bit of the U.S. and creativity also into the mix.  This is how Señor Munchies came to be.  I hope you like it as much as we do!  We seek to celebrate and share the Latino cultura with love and pride.